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Sneak preview - Furbies Treasure Hunt - app


 This is a sneak preview screenshot of the Furbies Treasure Hunt game. It will be soon released on Google Play! So watch out!



Furbie need to collect all the gems in the labyrinth. But watch out! Watch out for Evil Kitty guardians. They are the enemies of the Furbies and try to catch you. If they do, you lose.

For every white diamond you earn 15 points. The red gems, which are also energy boosters for your furbie are worth 100 points. f you get a red one, then you have for a limited time the Super Power to defeat the Evil Kitty guardians. If you defeat one, you'll earn 200 extra points. Use it tactical to your favor to collect all the gems in each level!

Every time you reach a new level you'll earn extra bonus points. Your Furbie will also run a bit faster to collect the gems. Unfortunatly also the Evil Kitty guardians will do! So it will be harder to collect all the gems.

You also need to take care that your limited Super Power will decrease a bit after reaching a new level.

In the game you'll find two "Beam-me-up Furbie" locations. When using it (just let your Furbie walk into the Beamer) the Furbie will be beamed up to the location of the other Beamer! Beware for another Evil Kitty on the other side!

Furbies final goal: to collect as many points as possible after reaching the last Level. Every time you stop the game, or reach a new Level your highscore will be saved.



  • 20 play levels
  • Chose your favorite Furbie
  • Best 5 highscores will be saved
  • Use Left, Right, Up or Down Swipes on your screen to move the Furbie
  • Energizer Gems to get Super Powers
  • Beam-me-up Furbie locations to Beam the Furbie to the other Beamer location.
  • One extra life after reaching Level 10.